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Barbet Parade at Crufts 2018.


At 10.00 am on Thursday 8th March, 15 Barbets and their owners arrived at the NEC Birmingham to take part in the first day of Crufts 2018 for a parade of the breed. This signified the momentous and long awaited recognition of the Barbet breed by the Kennel Club of Great Britain. The 1st April 2018 will see this ancient and rare breed take its place on the Kennel Club's register of pedigree breeds, helping to secure its future in Great Britain and the world.



The Kennel Club chose to promote this latest addition to its domain of existing breeds by inviting the Barbet Club of Great Britain to hold a parade on the opening day of the 2018 Crufts show. And so it was at 10.30 am on the 8th March and with enormous excitement and anticipation that 15 Barbets and their proud owners, attired in the new Barbet Club 'polo shirts', prepared to enter the KC Good Citizens ring in Hall 3 for their big moment.

In the ring the club was greatly honoured to be joined by André Varlet, the Director of Relations Institutionnelles at the Société Centrale Canine (the French Kennel Club) who had travelled over from France especially for the occasion to stand alongside the dogs. The dogs behaved splendidly as they were paraded around the ring several times by their proud owners giving a perfect impression of the breed. Questions were asked of and answered very clearly by Julie McDougal and Julie Botterill. Ringside spectators were treated to a fantastic display of dogs all of whom were a credit to the breed. Afterwards, the dogs and owners were introduced to the press and photographers.



Well done and our thanks to all the club members that participated and not forgetting the `stars`, in no particular order :-

Hope (Charamese Hope)Zelda (Awelymor Maelee Avec Muddiwarx) Hallie (Charamese Hermione)
Truffle (Novaforesta Joss Stone)Beau (Barboucles sur Meuse Beauvoir Davi)Rafferty (Chezvillar Nicnac-Rafferty)
Boris (Novaforesta James Brown)Archie (Charamese Horace)Olive (Awelymor Miele)
Eton (Novaforesta Eton)Aurora (Frogger Arcade Uit D'N Rey's Hof)Bonnie (Novaforesta Dora)
Hector (Charamese Hector)Martha (Reed`s Fowling Alexia)Snoop (Novaforesta Lady Fern)


Barbet Parade at Crufts 2018



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